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Brussels Airport Company

Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and the second most important centre of economic growth in Belgium.


Skeyes is the ATC provider for Brussels Airport. It is an autonomous public company responsible for flights from ground level to flight level 245 above Belgium. Terminal navigation charges for take-off and landings at Brussels Airport are being charged by skeyes and are separate to the Brussels Airport charges and fees.

Civil Aviation Authority

The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (also known as “Direction générale du Transport aérien” (DGTA) in French, or “Directoraat-generaal Luchtvaart” (DGLV) in Dutch) is part of the FPS Mobility and Transport in Belgium,
The BCAA is responsible for the investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents, Licensing, International and EU Affairs, Quality Services, Company Approvals, Airspace and Airports and Air Navigation Services in Belgium.