Airline Industry Get-Together

Air Cargo Belgium (ACB), the Airline Operators Committee (AOC), the Board of Airline Representatives (BAR) and the Belgian Air Transport Association (BATA) organised together on Tuesday 20 December 2022 the ‘Airline Industry Get-Together‘.

It was the first time that the four aviation organisations brought together representatives of their more than 300 members and some of the industry’s leading stakeholders at a joint event.

The evening started with a panel discussion moderated by Vincent Snauwaert in which the chairmen of the four associations, Luc Geerts (BAR Belgium), David Bellon (Air Cargo Belgium), Dieter Bruneel (AOC Brussels) and Wencke Lemmes-Pireaux (BATA) discussed the challenges and needs regarding themes such as sustainability, fleet renewal and the need for a multimodal hub with HST connectivity at Brussels Airport.

The crucial role of cargo activities at Brussels Airport and the synergies with passenger transport were also extensively discussed. During the COVID pandemic, Belgium’s national airport was the global centre for the distribution of two billion vaccines which provided us with a way out of the pandemic. Both freight and passenger carriers played a crucial role in this. The panel discussion provided an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas and discover common ground between other organisations.

The evening ended with a networking event. Numerous invitees were delighted with the first edition of the Airline Industry Get-Together, which encourages the four associations to further strengthen cooperation in the future.